We Are Ready To Roll !!!

And when They ask “Whom shall I send? Who will go for Us?” Our answer is “Lord, Send Me!” - Isaiah 6:8

What have we been up to ????

We believe the Lord has taken us in to BOOK II of our lives and our Jesus Lovin’ JLBB motorcycle ministry!  God has moved us from the “sultry” Gulf Coast area where we were “goin’ and blowin” all over the place for 15+ years to the gateway of the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Bertram, Texas !!! Yep we’re in that lil railroad town somewhere ‘tween Liberty Hill and Burnet! The significance of those two named towns are not lost on me!  Our calling is to set the captive free and burn for Jesus all our days !!! 

My Jim  Jim & Joan Wynn  Where We Ride - Me and Guitar

CURRENT EVENTS !!! What are we up to ?!

While we DON’T celebrate the satanic unholyday of halloween, we DO bring JESUS into any and every situation we can !!! We will have a booth, BLESS BIKES, and sing about Him all weekend!   Bring your stuff to sell and let’s celebrate JESUS !!! Every day’s a holy day with and in Him !!! 

You can contact our buddy, Steelhorse Bob, if you need further info


Bob - Halloween Wknd



October 9-12, 2020 - Hill Country Pig Roast Motorcycle Rally - Johnson City, TX

We had an awesome time meeting a jillion bikers from all walks of life, young, olde, newbys, old schoolers, ministries & clubs! We were privileged to pray with many and also bless their bikes (and bicycles)!

  20201009_202555 20201010_133052_HDR 


20201010_174745_HDR   20201010_133012_HDR

20201010_190411   20201010_190501




September 24-26, 2020

We had an amazing time at the Temple Harley Drag races at Little River Dragway!  It was a privilege to join the Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry and hold Sunday Service.... They gave me free rein to minister in song and word as the Spirit led for hours; then Randy Flemming (BFC) “brought it” with the Word, his testimony and alter call.   There were numerous bikers who came to have their bikes blessed and rode by slowly listening as salvation was presented in Word and song.   I believe many were touched !!!

Sunday Service At Harley Drag Races 9-26-20

Joan playing at HD Drag Races 9-26-20

Thanks also to Red Roberts of Texas Scooter Times who has put on the drag races for decades, for having us this year and for the many previous years. We will hope to see you next year ! 


September 11-12, 2020

There are times of refreshing in the Presence of the Lord !!!   And that’s what we found at the Light Up The Hills Rally in Kerrville - awesome speakers and praise band, Broken Chains Praise & Blues-N-Review from Broken Chains Freedom Church in Wichita, TX!   Of special note was the teaching and testimony of Dawn Thompson of the “You’re Enough Movement” as men and women alike were touched by the life-transforming word of Father God’s love.  For more information: www.facebook.com/lightupthehillsrally






This is near and dear to our hearts to bring awareness of “us” out there on the roads!  We have called for and attended many many “Proclamations” at City Hall meetings all over the Gulf Coast region



Video of City Of Alvin Proclamation !!!  https://www.facebook.com/TheAlvinSunAdvertiser/?fref=nf   Scroll Down

Alvin Proc Pic Web



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Happy Anniversary JLBB Motorcycle Ministry !!!!!!!!!!

16 Years Serving The Biker Community In HIS NAME.

Our Banner For Ministry - State rally


............THE JLBB STORY............

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“Riding and Abiding Under The Shadow Of The Almighty”
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JLBB motorcycle ministry serves bikers and supports biker ministries as the Lord brings opportunity.  Serving the Texas Hill Country we put on and participate in biker-related events... Joan on stage, and Jim at the sound booth, and our band supports biker events with music and ministry.  Joan is ordained and loves nothing more than proclaiming His Word in song, word and deed, as well as officiating weddings where she has performed ceremonies standing in the water at the Gulf of mexico (Surfside), on the jetties at Galveston, Rallies and just about anywhere you can “tie tha knot!”   She has also had the profound privilege of standing for the fallen to minister at many memorials and funerals.

we are here for you - to be a blessing - in Jesus' Name.

JLBB Motorcycle Ministry Mission Statement: We are committed to serving the biker community, without discrimination, and to support biker ministries.  We are committed to represent Jesus in all of our endeavors.  We are not restricted by any one or any thing, our allegiance is to Him alone - - - JLBB Motorcycle Ministry.


Riding and Abiding ... under the Shadow... as we continue ..... our 16th Year of Motorcycle Ministry

JLBB Banquet was Amazing... !




I stood....at the mca death-site of a 21 year old young man, beloved son, beloved boyfriend, beloved friend, grandson, nephew, buddy on Saturday morning as a memorial cross was erected for Travis Wallace…and as God is faithful to do when no words can be found,  I poured out my heart, and hopefully, His Heart, for the loss of such a precious life.   And that as we cry out “Why, Why, Why?” that it was not God who took his young life, but a law-breaker, stop-sign running, hit and run driver who BROKE THE LAW and took a life.   I said that “God will NOT change the will of a man – even one running, breaking the law” – He will do all that He can to stop the sin, the law-breaking, the death and destruction that comes of it…but when it’s all said and done – He puts OUR WILL in OUR HANDS.   And a life is gone into eternity at only 21.  And now, today, I sit at my desk and read the  news that Robert Rangel, from Goe Harley-Davidson, was killed on his motorcycle on Sunday.  He had written me on Thursday asking me to sing at a memorial.   And I am HEARTSICK at this loss, so unexpected, so out of time…and yet, I say oh God, you hold us in eternity.  and Again, the choice is ours where we will spend it.   Jesus’ death looked like a tragic loss at 33 years of age in His prime, all the promises of the ages were found in HIM.   and the disciples, His mother, His loved ones…looked on in horror as He drew His last breath…and thought WHY, WHY, WHY?  THIS is the Chosen One spoken of thru the prophets from ages gone by…He fit the bill, He fulfilled ALL the things said about the Messiah – and NOW, He’s Dead!  We watched Him raise the dead, we watched Him open the blind eyes, we saw Him …. we saw Him….and now, was it all real?   Why?  Why?  So that HE could be FIRST of MANY thousands and thousands and thousands…to rise to LIFE in Eternity.  that we can be saved, even in our sin and degradation, that we can be made brand new, that we can be saved from all our destructions.   And so today, in memory and honor of Travis Wallace, Robert Rangel, and most of all … JESUS….who gave us the hope of eternal life…I write and HOPE that someone will make the decision to receive the One who forgives our law-breaking, stop-sign running rottenness, and all the things that we have done that have been shamefully sinful, for we ALL have sinned and come very short of His glory, there is not one who can earn their way to heaven, it is by Grace, His grace, that we are saved.   Please receive Him today before you take another step, another breath.  For God…SO LOVED…the world….HE GAVE….HIS ONLY….BEGOTTEN SON…


GOD HAS PROVIDED A STUDIO FOR US TO RECORD OUR BIKER MUSIC!   SO....We are in the middle of that process - at last !  If you feel led and would like to help us in this endeavor - your donations will be soooo very appreciated.  We need to record and reproduce....Please prayerfully consider helping us get God’s music on the road !  We have a DONATE button on the bottom of this page!  All gifts to the ministry are Tax Deductible.



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What’s coming up ……………………

Ladies Prayer & Praise

Every Other FRIDAY at 10 am


Contact Joan for Dates & Location


Details TBA


Night of Food / Fellowship / Music / Ministry
Where God is working wonders!
RSVP if you can for seating !  Joan@JLBB.org
Please contact Toni 832-226-3609 to bring food or RSVP - Thanks !!!!

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT !!!   We are now a nonprofit corporation (501C3) under The Full Gospel Fellowship Of Churches and Ministers International.  Joan Wynn, Founder, was ordained for ministry on March 8, 2008. It is our desire to be available to you for ministry as needed. Jesus Lovin’ Bikers serving Bikers and supporting biker ministries.

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SUPPORT PATCHES ... We have beautiful support patches available for a $10 Donation.  Any donations are tax deductible and very much needed and appreciated. We charge nothing for our services through the years.

SUPPORT T-SHIRTS ... We now have awesome Black T-Shirts with our logo emblazened on the back (11 inches!) as well as the patch on the front left corner!   Cost is $15 + S & H (depending on Quantity, etc.)

You can also Contact  Jim@JLBB.org to use PayPal for Orders/Ministry Donations

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GOD HAS PROVIDED A STUDIO FOR US TO RECORD OUR BIKER MUSIC!   SO....We are in the middle of that process - at last !  If you feel led and would like to help us in this endeavor - your donations will be soooo very appreciated.  We need to record and reproduce....Please prayerfully consider helping us get God’s music on the road !  We have a DONATE button on the bottom of this page!  All gifts to the ministry are Tax Deductible.


Available for your event with original biker-related music and worship services! We have our own sound system for your convenience... A Spirit-led ministry. 

See WHAT WE DO Page for our 2011 Schedule.

For Booking:    CONTACT US

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Monthly meetings scheduled for all Bikers to come together for fellowship, worship and to give testimony of the greatness of our God ! 

See Upcoming Biker Event List !

As Acts 2:46 says..."And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved!"

May we all be found ridin’ down that narrow road”



The Original Jesus Lovin’ Biker Babe, Joan, and that Jesus Lovin’ Biker Brother, her husband, Jim (and friend Rick Elam in back )!


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