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 Bill Barfield getting some test done. He is set up to start chemo on Wed of next week. Depending on the out come of these test. Please  prayer  that the cancer doesn't show to be in the soft tissue.

Emmett, retired from the Sheriff's Office after 35+ years of service while battling cancer. He still serves as a pct 3 Constable reserve Deputy. Can we add him to the prayer list please and also spread the word about this benefit to help with his medical bills.
Randy G’s Dad, has cancer return – pls remember him in your prayers.

Please lift David and his wife Lupe up in prayer for healing of this evil demon seed called cancer. We pray for peace in their minds and hearts knowing that God is in control. We all know the miracles of prayer and we believe that prayer changes things.

Tracy Read caring for his brother is in hospital with 10 bedsores to the bone andhis 89 year old dad is in the hospital – 4/14

Carol Christian,from Shreveport, La. was involved in a very serious auto accident last night. She is at University Health Center in ICU and is in critical condition.
Woody Mitchell Family, Woody's father died. Woody is Major for Harris County. 

Raymond Powell, physical healing

Charlie Byrd, physical healing.

 Families of Cpl  Matthew Drown and MajorShawn Campbell, killed during training mission when two helicoptors collided and all perished in the sea; along with other crew members of both helicoptors. 

Laura Beth Campbell in Christus Health Medical Center in Shreveport. She has a blood clot in each of her lungs. 4/7

Jordan Sullivan a young man was injured in an ATV accident and may lose an arm and a leg. Please be in prayer for complete healing and saving his limbs.  4/4/

Carson George, needs healing for congestive heart failure, this is a great guy who has lost a son for our country, pls pray

Two, AMBER & also JZ (JLBB), went in for surgery on Thursday, BOTH came out with  NO CANCER reports !!!

Please remember my coworker, Priscilla, in your prayers in the loss of her very beloved grandfather, who was like a father to her and her brother John…. They are heartbroken.  He was a strong believer and is rejoicing with Jesus !!! 4/6

Please remember LOST INC MC in your prayers as they lost one of their own, Michael Hanly, in a tragic mca.

Also involved was Adam Barnes, who was life-flighted with severe injuries.  PLEASE pray for them in this tragedy..

From Kevin Streeter:  My Brother has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and  UPDATE:  All is well !!!

Tinman and Sunshine Ledbetter and family in the loss of a really nice man, Ricky Richardson who was one of our BBQ judges at the WCBC Benefit year after year… he will be SORELY MISSED, BBQ Judge Wrangler Joan – HE’d have it no other way.

Erin Lebrock having surgery to removed blood clots in her legs... the blood thinners are not  working  and some are in her lungs already and have caused damage  she is very young.. she is a teacher of 3rd graders..

From Robert Mitchell:  my father Charles started another round of chemo on Monday but the chemo has made him so weak he's not even able to sit up in bed. His leukemia is responding well to the treatment, we've just got to work on getting his strength back so he can continue his treatments.

From ILENE:  lost 2 family members to cancer on the same date 3/23

Kim Jahnke, and husband Rick, Kim fighting cancer for about 8 years and they found out it has advanced to her bones.  3/16

Family of Lori Acosta, passed away on 3/6

Family of Lara, Deweses, beautiful young barrel racer killed during barrel racing, heartbreaking

Alex, an adorable little boy fighting leukemia – 2/25

Skeeter Beeman, needs prayer in so many areas, for work, her marriage, her broken heart, her loss of everything in fire 2/25

Janet & Mark, need prayer for Marks health, and in every area of their brokenness – PLEASE pray for them much, Joan

Tammy Tolin, please believe with me for miracles in her life and health as she faces extreme brain surgery on Monday

TAMMY TOLIN UPDATE 3/3:  She came thru great,  no cancer, and except for headache, is doing fantastic ! PTL !!!

Jim Dunaway, Extreme Faith Street & Sky Ministries, needs the wisdom and protection of the Lord as he seeks to minister

Robert Mitchell's dad fell and was admitted into MDAnderson where he has been receiving treatment for cancer and his mother was admitted into Methodist for a severe infection in her leg. Please lift the whole family up in prayer as they go through these difficult times. Their names are Charles and Elisabeth Mitchell.

Mary lost her husband-They went to Hawaii and he had a hernia and did not recover. 2/19
Wynn family in the loss of Jim’s brother in law, Alan Gordan,
of throat cancer, please  remember Barbara and family 2/17

Charles Mitchell to the prayer list. He was diagnosed today with leukemia and has been admitted to Methodist Hospital downtown to begin chemo treatment.
Tina DeMay’s mother passed away on Christmas Eve.

Please remember Harry Stafford in the loss of his beloved brother.

Pls remember all in the loss of Marion Powell, PGR

Family of Active Duty Marine ROBERT TRIPPEL, only 19 years old – 12/9

Please remember a great lady and Jesus lovin’ biker Kelly Cooper in your prayers, throat cancer.

Beloved mother, Pat Willis, is in her last days, please remember her and her son Drew and their family.

2 Children, the Lord knows, in serious mva 12/8

Family of Pat “Trish” York, she passed away while preparing dinner on Thanksgiving – leaving many behind that love her.

Paul, my brother, has extreme pain and degenerative condition in his foot joints

From Ricky Forrrest prayer request: I suffered an assault by police officers at the Lonestar Rally. It was the result of my complaint to police in response to a drunk threatening to assault me. Please remember him as he seeks resolution in this matter.

Tammy Tolin, grapefruit size brain tumor and needs a miracle from the Lord as well as many financial and other needs

Jody Nunez – now in ICU in coma

Melissa Allums will be having brain surgery on Nov. 30 to remove scar tissue that has formed from a previous brain surgery. This is  a very serious surgery and she needs lots of prayers.  UPDATE: Surgery went well ! PTL !!!
Connie Waller’s Brother, Ronnie,
is very ill and unable to eat.

Kimberly is having a procedure and some tests and she asked for prayer that God would watch over her and good results.

Kathy, 2 biopsies reveal a very aggressive cancer and they are recommending radical masectomy.  PLEASE PRAY

Pls remember Pam Crump, in the passing of her beloved mother 11/5/15

Jack and Patricia Husband in the loss of their daughter, Cindy, this week.  11/5

Bryan Stewart, drummer for the Lighthouse Church in Lake Jackson has passed away, please remember all in this loss

Please remember Don DeBerry and his family, in the homegoing of his mother – our loss is heavens gain, but it’s our loss.

Jody Nunez surgery, he has broken both bones below the knee. He has a lot of infection too. Uncle Dave 10/27

Brenda Kean. She had another stroke this morning. That makes her 5th since February this year. she is in Conroe Hospital.

Bruce has had 2 really bad seizures in the last 2 months. Please pray for him and that he will gain favor to receive special care.

He’s 81 yrs old, his daughter requested prayer for him years ago, he still has not rec’d Jesus, pls pray he will.

Melissa Boyle’s Uncle David, passed away, please remember Melissa and all in this loss

Beloved sister, young girl Shelby, hospitalized and now brain-dead, needs a miracle, she needs a miracle.

All in the loss of Daniel Perez

Baby Emi is now 4 lbs 13 oz! Ya! But she still hasn't learned to stop to breath while eating. I know Jesus will teach her! 10/22

Please remember all in the tragic mca loss of Ken Parks – yesterday 10/14

Shelly Horan’s son Dylan ruptured spleen when dirt biking; collapsed lung – PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM

Tracy Ferrell’s brother, PJ, was in tragic mva, and left in car for 8 hours before help; broken neck, ribs, many many injuries 10/14 Kori Joseph lost 2 family members today – please remember her and all her family 10/14

One of ThaFam MC members just lost her little nephew. They are in need of burial assistance as soon as possible. Please (all that can) make donations to this link to donate for Brent's funeral services... https://www.gofundme.com/dg649xas... Thank you

Mary Barretts mom – losing blood and they don’t know why or where – hospitalized 10/2/15

Jody Holliday’s mother, Margie Franz, also losing blood and down to only 6% - please PRAY for her

Chad Tucker, had a small stroke, he’s a young husband and father – please pray for him and complete recovery

Rose Ann Summers and her family, in the unexpected loss of her wonderful husband, Clint; our loss is heaven’s gain 9/22

Families of 2 students killed in bus accident 9/15/15

James Cowling from Shreveport, that his fiancÚ Carol has been diagnosed with cancer of the lung and the adrenal glands.

David Norman, very sick, heading to doctor– 9/17

Zach Groover, severe mca brain injury, broken neck, back and ribs – lungs filling with fluid – PLEASE PRAY

14 year old Chance, dislocated shoulder at football practice.

Pris Melendez, my coworker and friend, had emergency surgery and is still fighting infection – please pray for her – 9/10

Caleb Bachman, only 18, mca, crushed ankle may require amputation of foot – please pray for this great Christian young man.

The Little sister, family and friends of 5 year old Vanessa Rae Clifton, run over in HEB parking lot in Lake Jackson tragedy.

Phil Griffin weak, dizzy and passing dried blood, VA doc too busy to see him (?) and sent him home… what ! 9/10

 From Dana Harper Rowan, Bob's dad is very sick, need prayer for healing and comfort.  9/7

Roca M/C Hangaround Mike was killed in a motorcycle accident.


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